This Is You / Gouache, Color Pencil and Digital / 11" x 14"


A piece on the helplessness we feel when others ascribe identity to us



Firestarter / Gouache, Color Pencil and Digital / 8" x 10"


An illustration meant to accompany Jack London's short story "How To Build A Fire"

"Have You A Pass?" / Gouache, Color Pencil and Digital / 9" x 12"


An illustration depicting a scene from  Han Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale "Brace Tin Soldier"

Bambaatataa's Pride/ Gouache, Color Pencil and Digital / 10" x 10"


Afrika Bambaataa is one of the most important figures in Hip Hop culture's early history, but recent events has revealed his worst secrets to the world

Cowboy's Chant / Gouache, Color Pencil and Digital / 10" x 10"


To honor a friend leaving for the Army, "Cowboy" Keith Wiggins created a chant that would unintentionally became the namesake for Hip Hop culture 

1520 Sedgwick Ave. / Gouache, Color Pencil and Digital / 10" x 10"


On August 11th, 1973, DJ Kool Herc threw a party in the halls of 1520 Sedgwick Ave. that changed the world forever.


Ice Cube The Architect/ Gouache, Color Pencil and Digital / 8" x 10"


1 of 2 in a small series of illustrations called Past Passions, about rappers and the things they studied before they became rappers. This is about Ice Cube and the period of his life when he studied to be a architectial draftsmen 

Gauguin and the Yellow House/ Gouache, Color Pencil and Digital / 16.5" x 11"


An illustration about Paul Gauguin and Vincent Van Gogh relationship, and how Gauguin's difficult personality pushed Van Gogh's mental wellness past a tipping point.

Mother Finger/ Gouache, Color Pencil and Digital / 8" x 10"


A response to the Medium article "There Is Something Wrong On The Internet". The article describes the issues with Youtube algorithms and how it maybe tricking children into watching disturbing material.